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About  Us

My very first salon, I was super new to the industry and was very fortunate and grateful to have been taught and trained. That salon truly set me up to be the stylist I am today. 


I eventually needed more flexibility with my schedule and a more steady income so I started working at a new salon. I grew very quickly there and transitioned to a head stylist position where I noticed a gap from my previous salon. I noticed stylists were not being properly trained and sadly not all stylists' work was of equal quality.


A Picture Of Stephanie Rentas, owner of Millennial Beauty Salon


Our story

Hi guys I’m Stephanie Rentas, owner of Millennial beauty salon. I have been a stylist for 9 years and counting, and an owner for 3. If you are looking to see if this salon is right for you read below to learn what we’re all about.

My vision upon opening this salon was to change the way salons do things. Here’s my story:

I took it upon myself to help train the newer stylists and teach them how to be amazing colorists and realized I really enjoyed pouring into and building up stylists. I was able to train and help many stylists achieve the success I found for myself and it felt amazing!

As I continued to grow and transition I started collecting mental notes of what I would do differently if I had my own salon. One day after continuing this routine for 6 years, I woke up knowing it was time for me to open one of my own. 


MILLENNIAL BEAUTY SALON was born! October 8, 2018, to be exact the day after my 29th birthday.

I opened up this salon with 3 main goals:




For clients to trust in all of our stylists, that they are all equally trained and deliver high-quality work no matter how long or short of time they have been doing hair.


For my stylists to work on a “by appointment only” basis so that they are happy and excited to attend to our clients and not feel burnt out from waiting for walk-ins all day. All while extending traditional salon hours and offering more flexible after-work hours including late nights or early morning weekday appointments

To have a fun boho / boutique style salon environment and esthetic to bring a newer more fun energy to our salon and clients. Also keeping up with the name “millennial” by taking you back to 90s - 2000s music as well as todays greatest hits.

All in all, I wanted to make salons great again and bring back the trust of clients where they can confide in our salon as a whole vs trusting solely an individual stylist. The feeling of knowing you can walk into a salon and EVERYONE delivers amazing work is what I strive for. 


Thank you for taking the time to read about our story. I hope to see you all soon , thank you !

A Picture of woman's hair - Millennial Beauty Salon
A Picture of Millennial Beauty Salon -  woman's hair


Our Mission Statement

To have an open and expansive team who have the freedom of a happy & healthy work-life balance. 

While also, supporting them & strengthening their growth not solely as stylists but in in life. We believe & know it’s all connected, personal and business are not separate but one. 

Supporting our staff to grow into the best versions of themselves in life allows them to show up with the highest most potent energy to pour endless love and deliver amazing results for our clients. 

Our mission is to continue to share our motto and gifts with the world by lifting up everyone who comes through our door and leaving them with an extra vibrancy beyond just fabulous hair. 

When you support us you support yourselves, your loved ones, and raising the vibration of the world around you.

Thank you 🙏❤️


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